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The Cocoon

3D printed concrete bridge built with recycled materials in Holcim proprietary concrete ink

3D printed horse barn with a total floor area of +10,100 SF

Twente Additive Manufacturing 3D printers are deployed all over the world.

Three-storey smart home villa in Saudi Arabia 3D printed by Dar Al Arkan

Concrete 3D realises a third lighter concrete ceiling

Groundbreaking project at Taubman College involving novel 3D concrete printing method

Concrete 3D Printer Compilation 2022 | SQ4D

First use of 3D concrete printing robot on-site at HS2

KELLER HCW - 3D Concrete Printing

3D Concrete Printing using a 6-Axis Kuka Robotic arm

These guys figured out how to make the most difficult 3D printed house

3D Printing Reinforced Concrete is Finally Possible

3D Printing on the Moon and Beyond for NASA

Cobod corporate video

3D Printed Wall with Organic Design

Concrete Aeditor: Robotic Shotcrete Printing at Glatthaar Starwalls

100 Home 3D printed Community by ICON + Lennar + Co-designed by BIG

LIVE 3D Construction Printing at bauma 2022

3D printed three-storey villa in Saudi Arabia

Europe’s first 3D printed office extension is now complete

3D printed concrete wastewater chamber

North America's First Two-Story 3D Printed Structure by nidus3D - Canada's 3D Construction Leaders.


Core Winding Reinforcement for Shotcrete 3D-Printing (SC3DP): Force-flow oriented fibre integration

NEXCON 3D printer by Black Buffalo 3D

3D Printed Pad Foundation - 75% material savings by Hyperion

Czech firm wants to use 3D printing to help rebuild Ukraine

3D concrete printing course

3D Concrete Printed House in China

Mobile 3D Printing with Putzmeister

3D printed building in Africa paves the way for affordable housing

House Zero

3D printed home pushing boundaries of sustainable architecture & design

3D printed Tiny House

Interview with Mikkel Brich, CEO of 3DCP Group

3D printed Tiny House

Placing of pre-3D printed roof sections

Concrete Printed Shell Pavilion

Single-story detached house for Habitat for Humanity

GUtech- The world’s biggest 3D real concrete printed building

Cobod 3D prints LIVE at the World of Concrete 2022, Las Vegas

Twente Additive Manufacturing for Digital Construction Week London

Collaboration Mobbot Losinger Marazzi - chantier Ecoquartier Eglantine Morges

SQ4D Official Promo - Changing The Way The World Is Built

PERI and STRABAG print first building in Austria



Real 3D Print House by BE MORE 3D


Constructions-3D - the future of construction in France


3D printed barracks

Exterior of first 3D printed concrete house of Project Milestone

Interior of first 3D printed concrete house of Project Milestone

3D printing and milling of complex concrete elements for the production of casting resin molds


Baubot is fully mobile robotic system to perform various tasks on construction sites and manufacturing facilities. The base platform provides rough-terrain mobility in a combination with a precise industrial robot while hardware tools and software enable different functional

Florida’s first 3D printed building by Printed Farms

Printed Farms mission is to make 3D printing standard for use in small scale as well as large scale construction projects, in an effort to bring hurricane resistant, flood resistant and green buildings to Florida, the fastest growing State in USA. 

America’s first 3D printed homes for sale

The Kansas City developer, 3Strands, announced that the next evolution of homebuilding has launched with the company’s first multi-home project: America’s first 3D printed homes for sale.

New line of industrial 3D construction printers from Spain

70-square-meter house in 8 hours

Cone Mixer KKM 100/150

Kniele offers an overall concept for fully automated and reproducible 3D printing.

First 3D printed apartment building in Germany

Upon completion, the 5-in-a-block apartment building with around 380 square metres of living space will be the largest printed residential building in Europe.

2nd German Industry Seminar on 3DCP

Review on the 2nd German Industry Seminar on 3D concrete printing and other digital concrete construction methods in October 2020

3D Concrete Printing Technology from Turkey

As a result of research and development studies, Iston is proud and happy to launch an own robotic 3D concrete printer.

Compact, mobile 3D construction printers from Ukraine

The company 3D Plodder, based in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, builds and sells compact and mobile 3D printers for use in the construction industry.

Fabrication process of the ‘Future Tree’ pavilion

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich - Collaborators: Dr. Aleksandra Anna Apolinarska, Dr. Ena Lloret-Fritschi, Joris Burger, Nizar Taha, Fabio Scotto

STEP2 – A new NEST unit in the planning

Ready for the market – thanks to an interdisciplinary partnership

Free online slicer launched

One of the obstacles of large-scale printing as a production strategy has been removed now by the availability of a suitable slicing software.

CyBe Construction printing the 1st 3D building in Normandy, France.

A small pavilion of 29 m² will function as a caretaker’s lodge in the heart of Harfleur, in between 180 social housing units.

3D printing schools in Africa

3D printed by 14Trees, a LafargeHolcim and CDC joint venture company, using a Bod2 printer from Cobod

Project Olympus - Icon receives funding from NASA

XtreeE & Seaboost - Coral Concrete 3D Printing

See the Bod2 in Beckum in action!

First 3D printed residential building in Germany


Concrete Aeditor - Startup presents 3D printer utilizing robotic shotcrete printing

Vertico opens new 3D concrete printing facility

XtreeE - Corail Table

Additive manufacturing of lightweight concrete wall elements (LC3D)

First Czech 3D-printed floating house

Printed in 22 hours

Fast Complexity

Additive Manufacturing for Prefabricated Concrete Slabs

Wind turbine towers with 3D-printed concrete bases

Heights up to 200 meters

3D Concrete Printing tests at the Danish Technological Insitute under the N3XTCON project

Detailed report in CPT 2/20

Icon's Vulcan II

The Vulcan II is Icon‘s first commercially available construction printer. Designed specifically to produce resilient single-story buildings faster, more affordably, and with more design freedom.

Live 3D construction printing of a small house

During the international Bautec construction exhibition in Berlin with over 30.000 visitors from more than 40 countries Cobod and Peri demonstrated the productivity of the Bod2 3D construction printer from Cobod by live 3D printing 64 m2 of walls of a small house every day of the show. Detailed report in CPT 2/2020!

Turnkey solution for concrete 3D printing on-site

Constructions-3D develops turnkey solutions capable of printing structures on-site, by virtue of additive manufacturing technology coupled with a robust, economical and transportable machine. Detailed report in CPT 1/2020

3D concrete printer gives 154 outdated flats a new look

In Den Helder no fewer than 154 flats will be upgraded entirely with 3D printed concrete elements. Almost 1,200 printed elements, ranging from 2 to 12 square metres, will transform two buildings of grey, boring concrete into unique and modern entities.

Robotic Printed Morphologies

The scope of robotic concrete printing processes and their possible future architectural applications on construction sites is what Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Bauhaus University Weimar and the University of Duisburg-Essen are planning to jointly investigate in the future.

New mixing plant as next optimisation step

Founded in 2015, XtreeE is a French startup specialising in large-scale 3D printing for construction. Thanks also to its advanced technology, which is protected by ten international patents, XtreeE has become a major player in the market of 3D concrete printing. Further development and optimisation are on the agenda at XtreeE. This could involve smaller changes, whose influence on the result is then determined, or also larger investments, such as the new mixing plant, which was supplied by Kniele from Germany. Detailed report in CPT 1/2020

Production of tailor-made prefab components

The printer is the brand-new technology of Wasp in the field of concrete 3D printing, mainly focused on production of tailor-made prefab components for building engineering as well as sculpture. Detailed report in CPT 1/20

Re-print of Europe’s first 3D printed building

On September 11, 2017 Cobod invited the press to see the start of the 3D printing of The Bod, Europe’s first 3D printed building. Now with their newly developed second generation Bod2 3D construction printer, Cobod has printed the same building again! The re-print was done to document the fast improvements of their 3D construction printing technology.

Mobile 3D printer prints wall structures directly on site

U.S.-based company, Apis Cor completed 3D printed wall structures of a two-story administrative building for the Dubai Municipality. Standing at 9.5 meters tall with an area of 640 square meters, it is one of the largest 3D printed buildings to date. Detailed report in CPT 1/2020


Smart Dynamic Casting enabled the production of 15 bespoke reinforced concrete mullions.

Concrete Choreography

The installation Concrete Choreography presents the first robotically 3D printed concrete stage, consisting of columns fabricated without formwork and printed in full height within 2.5 hours. Robotic concrete printing allows customized fabrication of complex components that uses concrete more efficiently.

Shotcrete 3D Printing @ DBFL | TU Braunschweig

Researchers from the fields of material science, mechanical engineering and computer science are developing a "robot-assisted shotcrete technology for generative manufacturing of complex concrete structures without formwork". The developed robot-controlled process is called "Shotcrete 3D printing" (SC3DP)

Efficiency through 3D concrete printing

3D concrete printing optimises time and costs

World’s first commercial 3D-concrete printing housing project

Project Milestone In the city of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) five 3D-printed concrete houses will be built. Detailed report in CPT1/2019!


One of the largest 3D construction printers

Drone footage of the 3D construction printer. It's a BOD2 configuration able to print 300 square meters in 3 storeys (900m2 in total).