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Latest developments in printing technologies in concrete construction

First partner in Switzerland

Matériaux Sabag chooses Mobbot's 3D printing solution

Mobbot and Matériaux Sabag are working on establishing an important collaboration. The Fribourg-based company and concrete element manufacturer from the Jura region are joining forces in Delémont to produce 3D printed elements using sprayed concrete. Matériaux Sabag thus passes the industry 4.0 milestone and becomes the first partner to deploy Mobbot’s system in Switzerland.

The additive manufacturing technology developed and patented by Mobbot utilizes a robot to construct three-dimensional reinforced concrete structures that comply with industry standards, and don’t require custom molds. The system was designed to manufacture large parts, all in record time, with project modifications possible up to the last minute. 

"By introducing digital manufacturing in its brand-new facilities, Matériaux Sabag positions itself as a true pioneer. Furthermore, the company has a very large network of established customers in the field of infrastructures and its team of employees holds unique know-how in prefabrication", says Agnès Petit, Mobbot’s CEO.

Thanks to Mobbot’s additive manufacturing solution, Matériaux Sabag will be able to expand its product portfolio, especially in the field of infrastructures. "We will be able to respond to time-sensitive requests and offer our customers greater flexibility, tailored to the requirements of the construction sites," says Cédric Theubet, Operations Manager at Matériaux Sabag.

About Matériaux Sabag

Matériaux Sabag is active in the trade of building materials and employs 165 people. The prefabrication of concrete elements is part of the wide range of activities it develops for the construction segment. With recognized experience in this highly specialized field, almost 30 people are currently assigned to the construction of elements in its brand-new factory in Delémont (Switzerland).

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